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Welcome to, the official website of Childrens Author & Storyteller, June Duffy.

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Based in County Mayo in the West of Ireland, June is a retired school teacher who taught both in England and throughout the Western counties of Ireland. Her long held dream to publish her own childrens book has finally come true, and her first story “I’ve Seen Granddad” was published in July of 2012. In July 2013, her latest story “You Know Who” was published and is now available to buy nationwide and online.

Author: juneduffy

June Duffy is a retired school teacher living in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Having taught in England for many years, June married her husband Tony in January 1998 and settled in Ireland. She has since taught in schools in Co. Roscommon, Co. Mayo and Co. Galway. Story poem writing has been a passion of hers for some years but this is her first book in a series about the spirit of Ireland. In addition to writing, June’s other interests include card making, cooking and travelling.

One thought on “Welcome to, the official website of Childrens Author & Storyteller, June Duffy.

  1. June may not wish to blow her own trumpet so I will do it on her behalf. June’s radio interview, which is on the website, is a shining example of how writers should do radio. Turn up in person, be lovely, talk about your own life and how it put you in the position to be a writer. If you are an expert, say an ex-teacher, ex-singer, bring some opinions from that expertise. Talk about the inspiration for the book and then when everyone is interested tell them about your local book signing. Warm them up then seal the deal!

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