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Reasons for writing

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005When I’ve been out and about book signing, at book fairs etc. I’ve been asked about my reasons for writing. I guess this differs from author to author, but for those of you who might be interested I’ve included my “Mission Statement” below:

The open book is a path to Reading, and Reading is the open door to a World of Wonderment where anything is possible. In some small way I hope to guide every emergent reader towards the path.

Author: juneduffy

June Duffy is a retired school teacher living in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Having taught in England for many years, June married her husband Tony in January 1998 and settled in Ireland. She has since taught in schools in Co. Roscommon, Co. Mayo and Co. Galway. Story poem writing has been a passion of hers for some years but this is her first book in a series about the spirit of Ireland. In addition to writing, June’s other interests include card making, cooking and travelling.

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